Postcrossing – Visiting shrines in Japan

Have you ever heard of Postcrossing? I discovered a couple of years ago and rediscovered it this year. The idea is that you send postcards to random users around the world, and then you also receive postcards from around the world. It is a lot of fun to come home and find a postcard from Russia, Taiwan or Canada on your doorstep!

Some of those postcards I’d like to sA postcard from Japan (received through Postcrossing)hare here. I specifically asked for postcards which show me something of that person’s culture – a local custom, event or important person. I think this is a nice way to get to know these cultures better!

In January I received this postcard. It read: “This card shows a shrine with a long and distinguished history in Tokyo, called Ueno Toshogu. I visited there a few years ago. We have a custom to visit shrines or temples in the beginning of the New Year. And we throw money into offertory boxes to pray for happiness of the year.”


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