Canada – Dragon Boat Races

From Canada I received a Postcrossing postcard about dragon boat races. It read:

“Greetings from Toronto, Canada, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There is always some festival (music, cultural, food, movies) going on and restaurants from every country can be found around town. Happy Postcrossing!”

One of those festivals is the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival, which takes place for the 25th time this JuneCanada - Dragon boat races. The postcard also had some more info about these boat races: “The Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival is a two-day spectacular event that brings sports, multicultural entertainment and international spirit to Toronto and Ontario. This is the largest, and only one of the multitude of Dragon Boat races that are held across the province.”

Dragon boat races have their roots in China. Although there are several theories, the most popular one is related to the commemoration of the poet Qu Yuan.

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