Participate in a new study on expat adjustment!

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While we know that expatriation is an increasingly frequent practice due to globalization and opportunities for international business activity, there is still much to learn about how expatriates adapt to their new environments and the thinking styles that support their adjustment.

This study is intended to help us gain a clearer picture in this area. We anticipate that the findings of this research will be helpful in generating recommendations for improving expatriate preparation and training.

This study is a joint collaboration between, Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, USA) and Loyola University Andalusia (Spain).

The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Your responses will remain confidential and anonymous, and you will not be required to provide your name or any other identifying information if you do not wish to. If you would like, we will be happy to send you a report of the findings free of charge.

Who should participate

Expatriates who are:

  • sent abroad by a company, and
  • in paid fulltime employment abroad, and
  • intending to repatriate or be re-assigned by the company, and
  • living abroad for at least one month, and
  • living abroad for no longer than five years (on the same assignment).

Participate in the study (questionnaire available in English and Spanish)

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