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How do expats get the social support they need?

When expats1 move abroad, they leave behind a large part of their social network. They must create new social connections to make sure they get the support they need to deal with the cross-cultural transition. In this article in International Business Review with my co-author Annamaria Kubovcikova, we explored how expats get work information and …

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Expatriate contact with a local host: an intervention to increase social support

One of the ways in which a local host can contribute to successful expatriate assignments is through offering social support. Does a local host offer social support? And what types of support do they offer? This is the final blog post about the academic articles that have been published about my PhD research In Touch …

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Networking abroad

One of the aims of this blog is to bridge theory and practice by writing about interesting academic publications. I will start with an article I have been re-reading recently because I need it for new research I am setting up on how expats can make contact with locals. How do expats make new contacts? …

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