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The performance management revolution in Denmark

In 2016 Harvard Business Review published an article entitled ‘The Performance Management Revolution’ that showed how more and more companies are moving away from the traditional annual review towards a system which favours giving people instant feedback. Companies in Denmark are also rethinking their performance management – as the NOCA meeting on the 28th of …

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It takes two to tango: a review of the empirical research on expatriate-local interactions

Recently, my literature review on expatriate-local (E-L) interactions was published in The International Journal of Human Resource Management. In this blog post I give a short summary of this article. Why a literature review on E-L interactions? Much of the research on expatriates has had the expat as sole focal point. While this seems quite …

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Impact of a local host on adjustment and performance

My first article about my PhD research appeared in 2011 and was about the impact of a local host on adjustment and performance. While you can find my PhD or a summary of the findings (both in English and Dutch) on this blog, I thought it would make the findings of the research more accessible …

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