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Global leadership recruitment and development: A Danish case

This spring one of my students in Change Management, Ioannis Zisopoulos, wrote a very interesting Master thesis about global leader selection and development in five Danish MNCs (1). Here are some of his findings. What is a global leader? One of the interesting findings is that the Danish MNCs do not label global leaders as …

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Are you a tourist or a traveler?

I came across this great quote about the distinction between a tourist and a traveler: A traveler and a tourist can visit the same city, but experience it very differently. A tourist’s goals are typically to see all the sights, learn their names, make and collect stunning pictures, eat the foods and observe the rituals …

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Global Leadership: It is all about complexity

“We cannot solve today’s problems with the same thinking OR LEADERSHIP that we used when we created them” Einstein+ Last week I attended Joyce Osland’s very insightful workshop on Global Leadership at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC). In today’s globalized world, we need more global leaders who can deal with the increasing complexity of …

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